Book Reviews and Academic Quick Hits

I like to read. Strangely though, I don’t read fiction. I like to read non-fiction, most commonly about coaching, learning, and teaching. I’m lucky enough to work at an AAU university that also offers nice education benefits. That means that I have access to many academic journals and that I can take classes virtually for free. As a result, I earned a M.A. in 2021 and have read hundreds of things that I would never have dreamed of reading before 2016.

Often, when I read books and articles, I get excited about what I read and I want to share what I’ve learned or how a particular book or paper impacted me. As a result, there are two kinds of posts that you will find sprinkled throughout my other writing, book reviews and Academic Quick Hits.

My book reviews can be short or long but they tend to be about what I learned or how the book has affected my thinking rather than comments about the quality of the contents.

Here’s a page with all my book review posts.

Academic Quick Hits are my brief summaries of journal articles I have read. In these, I try to highlight what the authors studied and how their findings can impact us as coaches, teachers, and learners. I am interested in a few specific areas so you’ll likely see a few common threads running through my summaries.

Here’s a page with all my Academic Quick Hits.

If there’s something that I’ve read that you’re curious to hear more about, email me to start a discussion or comment in the article.